Be The One That You Really Want To Be

“The harder you work for something the greater, the more you will feel satisfied went you achieve it because you actually did it with hard work.”

coming up with this tittle because too many people are still confused with what they should be in the future; like me.

I’ve read many times, you;we, should know what we like or love to do. Figure out everything till you find the thing that you really like. Then, just go on with that. Just start to study more about that thing, which is from the bottom; the things that you don’t know till the things that you should know.

But, study in something that you don’t like is also not really cause a problem. I know this is not easy to do. But, all that you need to do is only study with your whole heart plus just think about for whom you did.

Study isn’t easy. But we need to make it as easy as we eat. We need to make it till the end; well I speak this to my self as well.

β€œIt does not matter where you go and what you study, what matters most is what you share with yourself and the world.” β€• Santosh Kalwar

Be the best for your future. Rock on it!




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